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Your camera system of today is not your dad’s home camera system. Technology moves at the speed of light, and today’s camera security systems offer you advantages and conveniences you thought were only real in Star Trek. Do you have a Wifi camera system for your home? No. Find out why you should.

1. Mount your home Wifi camera system anywhere

Your home camera system can be placed anywhere around your property. Set up a Wifi network that extends to every corner, and your home security cameras can have wireless, real-time connection with the whole world.

Mount cameras on walls, on the ceiling, underneath eves, indoors or outdoors. Specialty designs for high-moisture and extreme weather conditions means you can mount cameras in the pool area, storage shed, or along your perimeter, if you set it up right.

Get full coverage of your home’s security. Know what’s going on in any room, any area, at any time.

Don’t forget: Wifi requires power

One thing to remember when planning your perfect Wifi home security system – backup power. Especially during an emergency, video recordings can be crucial. Discuss all your options for power with your home camera security professional. Ask all your questions! Make sure you understand the power requirements, backup protocol in place for outages, and emergency services available to you.

2. Wifi camera systems stream real-time video

Your home camera system will stream real-time video to a closed circuit. Generally, home camera systems include a secured, encrypted website from which you can watch the livestream of the video on your computer. Video is recorded and archived. You can easily re-watch it later and tag, delete, or organize as you wish.

Depending on the cameras you choose and your system capabilities, you can livestream real-time 4K or HD video very smoothly. Choose black and white or color cameras, automatic lighting adjustments or cameras that move – your options for video are nearly unlimited.

How's the baby doing? Watch live video feed on your phone.
How's the baby doing? Watch live video feed on your phone.

Today’s cameras come with sophisticated settings that mean you won’t be “wasting space” storing video you don’t need. Choose from cameras that run 24-hour recorded footage, or cameras that trigger on motion or light-sensitivity, and only record when something is happening in front of them.

3. Wifi camera systems you control from anywhere

Your home camera system goes with you, wherever you go. In addition to a secure website that you can check from any computer (as long as you remember your password!), you can typically download an app that allows you to control, adjust, and monitor the livestreams of your home cameras.

Most of today’s home camera security system apps include settings controls and access to your recorded video footage. And, they generally provide you notifications when there is a problem with one of your cameras, or when a time-sensitive or motion-sensitive recording begins. With just a few taps of your finger, you can swipe through the video of what’s happening, right now.

Home security activity reporting

Get the control you deserve over your home security, and never miss important information. Many home camera security apps provide reports of camera activity, power use, data backup information, and other things you may want to know.

Multiple device compatible apps

In addition to the apps available from many camera manufacturers, there are additional apps that are compatible across multiple systems. Some devices work better with certain apps, depending on age, technological capacity, and other specifics.

Many of these apps are free, although the ones that cost a few dollars might well be worth it, depending on your needs. Sync your account across different devices with the app that’s right for you and your home Wifi camera system.

It's easier than ever to have the smartest home on the block with a wifi camera system.
It's easier than ever to have the smartest home on the block.

Home Wifi Camera System Protects What You Love

Keep an eye on your loved ones – your family, your children, your pets. Keep them safe, keep your most valuable aspects of your life protected. If you are away from home, you deserve the peace of mind to know that everything at home is a-ok.

In just a few seconds, you can check in. The moment something triggers a motion-sensor camera on the garage – you are notified, and you can investigate. Then, if there is a need, you can take action. But at least, your mind will be at ease. Take complete control of your home security. Choose the right home Wifi camera system for your home and your entire property.