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Commercial Security & Camera Systems

Business Security Alarm Systems and Monitoring.
Surveillance Camera Systems.

Get the best protection for your business

Reduce threats, minimize risks. Alarm systems. Alarm monitoring. Emergency response. Cameras and CCTV Systems.

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Therrell Alarm Protection Service has you covered from installation to monitoring to emergency response. For businesses in every industry. Top of the line retail, restaurant, industrial, and office security.

From our headquarters in Central Texas, we serve all businesses along I-35 and beyond.

Top Training for Commercial Burglar Alarm Company

Security and Technology Certifications
Each technician receives local and state licensing in addition to nationally recognized training.


Texas Security Installer License.

Our salespeople and technicians are licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety as experts in security technology and monitoring.


Our technicians receive advanced training in security technologies from the National Institute of Certification of Engineering Technologies (NICET).

1 Year Warranty on Commercial Security Alarm Systems

Installation of your commercial security alarm system guaranteed for 1 year.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service wants to guarantee the satisfaction and security of every business property in Central Texas.

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Business Alarm Systems

Security Is A Never Ending Job

A full range of burglar alarm systems for business, ranging from small to large and simple to ultra secure. We are here to make your business safe from any threat that may come your way.

A top alarm system from a top security company gives your business better protection. Protection that never rests. Enhancements from a top alarm company in Central Texas: Therrell Alarm Protection Service.

Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems

The Right Security Alarm Systems


Customize commercial security that is right for your property. No matter the square footage, layout, or architectural design. Find the solutions for your property’s alarm system needs.

Top Alarm System Companies

Best Business Security Solutions.

Innovative technology and advanced engineering are available for your business. Get cutting-edge equipment and top of the line service from the best security companies in the industry.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service brings all business owners throughout Central Texas a selection of the best business alarm systems available.

Uninterrupted Surveillance

Video documentation for what is going on at your property, 24-hours per day.

Reliable and Durable

Equipment that is engineered to withstand extreme weather and potential hazards in emergency situations.

Automated Security Measures

System data that automatically backs itself up, updates, and encrypts data for advanced protection.


Tri-Ed. Security Equipment Supply.

Your partner in intrusion protection and home security.

ADI By Honeywell

Top performing integrated technology for all properties security solutions.

Tough Dog Security Cameras

Top security equipment, including wearable cameras for law enforcement officials.

Clinton Electronics

Top of the line cameras, monitors, lenses, and other security equipment.

Benefits and Features Your Business Needs

Seamlessly integrate managing your security into your day.

Access and Control from Anywhere
Enjoy remote access and cloud-based technology that lets you monitor activity and surveillance data in real time.

Data Backup Automatically
Your electronic surveillance data is automatically backed up to a secure central location. Receive reports on a schedule that you set.

Fail Safe Technology
Business alarm systems that cannot be disabled. Top options that keep working in power outages and other emergencies.

Alerts and Alarms with Lights and Sirens
Get visual and audio combinations in your alerts that are appropriate for all types of buildings. Serve the public and special needs communities.

Alarms with Voice Commands
Choose a system with a custom voice-command alert during an alarm trigger. In an emergency, a custom verbal message tells people at your how to respond.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service installs, inspects, maintains, and services all business security needs throughout Central Texas. Get exactly what you need to keep your business safe.


Additional Alarms for Business Security

Glass Break Alarms. Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Flood Alerts.
Not just a burglar alarm company. We offer full business security that includes not only the best alarm systems, but monitoring for complete protection against any type of threat to your property.

Minimize loss from damages. Keep every area of your commercial property safe. Don’t leave gaps in your security.

“Panic” Buttons
Many businesses need a direct access security alarm that reports a dangerous situation to local authorities, without placing the business operator at risk.

For jewelry stores, banks, secure facilities, and any property that needs a single immediate response button, Therrell Alarm Protection Service has a solution.

Commercial Security Camera Systems


Wireless. Covert. CCTV. Video Camera System.

Custom surveillance camera system solutions for businesses of any sizes. Prevent loss and damage, document every incident, never miss another important moment at your property.

Eyes that never stop watching.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service offers a selection of commercial security camera system options tailored to fit your business.

CCTV camera

Customizable Options for Security Camera Systems

No two businesses have the same security needs. No two set of solutions should be the same. Security is never a one-size-fits all approach at Therrell Alarm Protection Service.

Business camera equipment and closed circuit television (CCTV) systems provide business owners with premium peace of mind.

Helping with documenting accidents and incidents, assisting with loss prevention, providing evidence for criminal proceedings, cameras are one of the most popular and valuable pieces of business security equipment available.

Whether you’re installing a new system or retrofitting upgrades onto an older system, get exactly what you need.

Custom System Options

Wired and Wireless
Cameras that can be mounted around your property exactly where you need them.

Wireless Security Camera System
Wired and wireless camera system options with signal boosters to ensure smooth data transfer from anywhere on your property.

Data Backup Options
Get automatic data backup at a secure location on or off-site of your property.

Archive and Erase
Set an individualized schedule to automatically archive or erase footage. Customize it per building or even by each camera.

Covert Camera Systems
For properties that need covert, hidden cameras that guests and visitors won’t easily notice. Camera designs that let you watch your property without people noticing.

Get the exact CCTV camera systems you need for your business’ security. Serving Central Texas over 60 years: Therrell Alarm Protection Service.

Camera and CCTV Options

Your surveillance camera system should be set up for easy use by security professionals, law enforcement, and every day use.

Dome Cameras | PTZ Cameras | Bullet Cameras | Panoramic Cameras

A layer of commercial protection you can really see: Video camera systems from Therrell Alarm Protection Service.

Indoor and Outdoor
Innovative technology and cutting edge design from top of the line materials. Cameras that mount to the wall or ceiling of your building’s interior or exterior.

Color and Black and White
Capture footage in full HD settings with nearly as much detail as your eye sees.

Fixed or Mobile Lenses
Some camera designs passively collect all the data from a fixed position, while others allow live viewers to point, tilt, and zoom into something they want to see more clearly.

On-Site Monitoring Station
For your on-site security team, fully integrated software and CCTV monitoring to set up your company for monitoring success.

Whether your Central Texas property needs a simple system or a complex, fully integrated sophisticated surveillance camera system: call Therrell Alarm Protection Service today.

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Central Station Business Security Alarm Monitoring

Professional. Dedicated. Watchdogs.
Let the Therrell Alarm Protection Service team monitor streaming footage from your large or small business security camera system in real time. Constantly on the lookout for suspicious activity, theft, vandalism, or accidents, we provide UL-rated central monitoring services for Central Texas and beyond.

Trained in response procedures. Immediate response time. Immediate dispatch of emergency personnel. Contact security teams, maintenance personnel, and building management.

Our trained professionals are prepared to handle any situation they see during available 24-hour central station monitoring services.

Protecting Businesses Around Central Texas

Factories. Restaurants. Retail. Schools. And More.

Since 1956, Therrell Alarm Protection Service has been one of the fastest growing commercial security companies in Central Texas.

We sell, install, maintain, and monitor commercial alarm systems and security camera systems. Repair, replace, upgrade, or inspect: Therrell Alarm Protection Service does it all.