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Fire and Security Alarms in Killeen, Texas

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Therrell Alarm Protection Service has been operating throughout Central Texas for over 60 years, providing security and peace of mind for families and businesses every day.

Conveniently located in Waco. Serving all areas of Killeen, TX around the clock. Contact us to speak with a representative.

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Free Evaluation

Have your property evaluated and receive a recommendation for a newly installed or upgraded system at no charge.

Military Discount

Discounts on installation and services for active duty and veteran military service members, their families, and their businesses.

Fast Local Response

Therrell Alarm Protection Service is the only UL-rated monitoring central station in Central Texas.

24-Hour Service

Security, fire alarm, and answering services for you. We always answer our phones.

Killeen Sales Team for Security and Fire Alarms

Professional Service. Local Experts. Detailed Care.

Installing an alarm system can give you ultimate peace of mind for your property. Speak with a representative about the many options available for your home or business.

Our trained technicians and sales staff help you customize the alarm system you need. Choose the control panel functionality, layers of technology, and monitoring contract options that are right for your property.

Glass break alarms, medical alerts, panic buttons, flood alarms, door monitoring, gate and access control, and more.

We sell and install. We maintain and warranty our work. Retrofit a new system onto an existing one.

Security alarm systems and fire alarms for home and commercial properties: Therrell Alarm Protection Service.

Commercial and Home Security Systems in Killeen, TX

Installation, Maintenance, Replacement

A fully licensed and expertly trained team to install, repair, and maintain residential and commercial security systems.

Top names in home and commercial security systems.

  • NAPCO Security
  • DSC from Tyco
  • Tri-Ed
  • Honeywell
  • Nortek Security & Control

Security Camera Systems

Top in security cameras and CCTV system sales and maintenance in Killeen, Texas. Get a customized camera system that allows you to protect your entire property.

Get a wired or wireless camera set up for indoors or outdoors. Back up data at a secure on-site or off-site location on your schedule. Watch live streaming footage from encrypted desktop software or mobile device access.

Prevent loss. Protect investments. Record incidents and accidents. Evidence for insurance and legal needs. A full closed circuit television system that allows you to monitor and reference recorded materials.

Wired & Wireless
Wired and wireless burglar alarms for your entire property. Secure doors, windows, and all areas from a central control station.

Access Anywhere
Remote access from your tablet or smart phone allows you to adjust settings, unlock smart doors and windows, and even change the thermostat from anywhere.

Advanced Alarms
Commercial security systems that include visual/audio alarms with lights, sirens, and vocal instructions.

Home Medical Alert Systems
Medical alert buttons and home security features for people with special medical needs.

Home and Business Security Monitoring for Killeen

Around the clock security monitoring for residential and commercial properties. Trained professionals respond to a system alert within seconds.

Decrease response time of the appropriate emergency personnel team by 2 minutes.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service follows the emergency protocol specifically appropriate to your situation, contacting emergency response teams, building owners and managers, and maintenance personnel.

Automated reports from monitoring system update you on system activity.

Professional 24-Hour Answering Service

Medical. Dental. Funeral Home. Legal. Real Estate.

When your business is busy, never miss another call. More than just taking messages, our call answering service professionals become an extension of your business team.

Never miss another emergency call, lead inquiry, or request from a client. Someone to answer your phone number, 24 hours per day. Our automated call forwarding and fully integrated system offers call recording and reports call data to you around the clock.

Elevator Emergency Phone Answering Service

UninterruptedNo matter if there’s a power outage or phone lines go down. Backup procedures in place to ensure emergency response in all emergencies and situations.

Answering every call. Helping at every chance. Therrell Alarm Protection Service elevator phone answering services.

Commercial and Home Fire Alarm Systems

Inspection. Upgrades. Emergency Response.

Top engineered fire alarms that provide premiere fire loss prevention. Therrell Alarm Protection Service provides Killeen, Texas homeowners and businesses with the best selection of internationally recognized fire alarm systems.

Notifier. Silent Knight. Fike. Reputable, innovative engineering. Custom fire alarm systems for your property.

Home and Business Fire Alarm Monitoring throughout Killeen

Around the clock fire alarm system monitoring. Coded alerts to a central monitoring station provide accurate, immediate data for technicians to report to emergency services. Specialized sensors report data on location, reason for alert, and exact changes in environment.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service monitors and maintains excellent nonstop fire alarm system monitoring. From our Central Texas location, we serve homes and businesses across the state.

Protecting the Killeen, Texas Community Since 1956

Serving Central Texas and Beyond