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Home Security Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Systems. Home Camera Systems. Unbeatable Residential Security.

What would you do to know your home is protected?

Therrell Alarm Protection Service: Trusted name in home security alarm systems throughout Central Texas since 1956. We keep homes safe. We protect properties from damage, theft, and liability.

Residential security alarm systems for all types of properties. We offer a wide range of solutions for your home. No matter the square footage or layout.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service protects your home no matter the number of doors or windows. Security alarm systems and cameras for all buildings on your property, including garages, sheds, barns, pool houses and more.

Sales, Install, Service, Response

From sales to monitoring, we offer all security alarm system services
Therrell Alarm Protection Service installs security alarm systems during new home building. We serve and maintain all our systems. Get an upgraded system retrofitted onto an older one, or replace your outdated equipment.

For apartments. For historic homes. All security alarm system services for all types of residences.

Protect Your Home From More
Protect your property from more than burglaries and break-ins. Flood alarms, glass break sensors, and carbon monoxide alarms all provide your home extra protection around the clock.

24-Hour Home Security Monitoring Services

Someone always ready to respond in case an alarm goes off. Receive automated and emergency updates on your phone with changes in your residential security alarm systems.

Medical Alert Systems

If your loved one needs supervised medical care or frequently has medical emergencies, get a fully integrated medical alert system that fully protects the person.

A variety of wearable and mountable medical alert systems to help protect your loved ones.

Trained. Certified. Professionals.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service’s team is trained and certified from our manufacturers as well as national and state organizations. Combined with decades of experience, our service technicians are ready to answer all your service questions.

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Customized Home Burglar Alarm Systems

Maintained by professionals: Therrell Alarm Protection Service.

Home Camera System


The right mounting and housing accessories, replacement parts, connecting devices, cables, and other necessities for installing and maintaining your home video camera system.

If you need replacement parts or have questions about home security cameras, monitors, or other equipment, give us a call.

Camera and Siren

Interior and Exterior Cameras

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From the top names in home security cameras, Therrell Alarm Protection Service installs, services, and replaces a variety of home camera systems.

Innovative technology, reinforced materials, and secure mounting. Designed to withstand weather conditions and extreme environments. Cameras that keep your home secure both inside and outside.

Motion sensor and light sensitive cameras. Designed to function in high or low lighting. Cameras that can be seen by visitors, or are discretely positioned and less visible to onlookers.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service: Smart home security camera system options

IP & Analog Cameras

Home security camera system designs available at Therrell Alarm Protection Service include many options for camera types and features.

  • PTZ (moving) cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • High resolution cameras
  • Panoramic cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • Black and white or full color video

Customize a home security alarm system that protects your property’s unique features and value.


Wired and Wireless Home Security Camera System

Get a complete home video system.

Cutting edge technology and solutions to protect all buildings on your property for years to come.

Wireless indoor cameras and outdoor cameras with signal strength booster to ensure video transfer and delivery.

Encoders and Decoders

Keep digital media data safe.

Protect all areas of your security alarm system.

Encrypt video files from your home surveillance camera system to prevent cyber-thieves from obtaining information about your property.

Remote Access and Controlled Monitoring

Get live stream footage at any time. Watch, record, and store footage for as long as you need.

Video software compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

Check your system, run reports on activity, and easily store the data for your security camera system for home.


Accent Security Lighting

Some cameras work in low light, but many need a constant light source to capture quality video images. Therrell Alarm Protection Service carries a selection of the best safety lighting for home security.


Top Local Home Security Alarm Team

Serving All Central Texas Areas

As active members of our community, we have served all areas of Central Texas for over 60 years. Certified and professional local technicians for your home alarm systems and home camera systems.

Serving our neighborhoods and our neighbors in your homes: Therrell Alarm Protection Service