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Security Monitoring and UL Central Station Monitoring

Home Alarm Monitoring. Business Alarm Monitoring. Total Property Security.

Based in Central Texas.

UL central station monitoring across Texas. Therrell Alarm Protection Service offers secure, uninterrupted alarm monitoring services.

Know who is coming and going. Make sure your property and the people there are safe, at all times. Response to alarms that saves lives. Among the best alarm companies, from installation to full security system monitoring: Therrell Alarm Protection Service.

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Offering More than Other Alarm Monitoring Companies

Trusted name in Central Texas home and business alarm monitoring companies since 1956.

Military Discount

We offer a discount to veteran and active duty military personnel.

Free Estimates

Our technicians will evaluate your alarm system and give an estimate for contracted alarm monitoring services.

Live Assistance Always

We answer every phone call, all times of the day and night.

Flexible Monthly Contracts

Contract options that allow you the right security solutions for your home or business property.

Custom Security Solutions

When it comes to security, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Get security system monitoring tailored to your property’s needs.

Closed-circuit television

Outstanding Certified UL Monitoring Station in Central Texas

UL Certified Facility. NICET Trained Techs.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service UL Central Station is a top of the line facility. Operating from Central Texas, we serve to monitor and protect thousands of properties. We excel industry standards. We exceed expectations. Quality is at the center of everything we do.

Certified UL Monitoring Station

UL_MarkUL certification is the gold standard for alarm monitoring security. UL has led the industry of safety science for more than a century. A third-party mediator among property owners, insurance companies, government agencies, and alarm system engineers, UL certification is the most trusted seal of authority in alarm system certification.

Certifying companies and systems to UL 827, UL 681, UL 2050, and NFPA 72 standards.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service’s fire and security system monitoring is UL-certified. Our facility is UL rated and our technicians are trained to industry best standards and practices.

Since 1956, we have served Central Texas. We are proud to work every day to keep our communities safe.

NICET Trained and Certified Technicians

NICET LogoThe best security system training is performed at the National Institute of Certification for Engineering Technologies (NICET). Service technicians complete extensive classroom examinations and onsite training for over four years to achieve a Level II certification.

All Therrell Alarm Protection Service technicians are NICET certified or in training, with many learning specialized advanced data/comm certification to keep us on the cutting edge of technology.

Integrated technology for enhanced burglar alarms and other home monitoring systems. An alarm monitoring company that never stops working to improve your home or business security.

Flexible Monitored Alarm Systems Contracts

Customizable Options for Home and Business Security Monitoring

The best alarm monitoring services offer solutions to meet each property’s needs. Adjust your monitoring contracts based on changes in your personal situation.

You can’t prepare for all that life throws at you, but you can make changes easier to manage when they happen.


Equipment Relocation

Ask about equipment relocation options. In case you think you might move during your contract, you may be able to take your security equipment and monitoring services with you.

Adding & Removing Services
Some contracts offer increased flexibility on upgrade options. Change your property’s security equipment or monitoring services during your contract.

There’s nothing better than knowing that your property is taken care of. Get that peace of mind from one of the best alarm companies and UL-certified alarm monitoring services in Central Texas: Therrell Alarm Protection Service.

Home Alarm Monitoring


Security for Every Residence

Around the clock protection. Eyes that see everything. A secure and trusted home monitoring system.

Uninterrupted Monitoring
Best industry alarm company monitoring 24/7/365. The securest connection that is impervious to tampering and cannot be disabled. The most secure system available, from a certified UL monitoring station.

Burglar Alarm System Monitoring
With sensors on every entrance to your home and customizable security features, monitored burglar alarms that keep your family safe.

Medical Alert System Monitoring
Medical alarm buttons and systems for emergency response anytime. Wearable and mountable medical alert systems, monitored every moment of the day.

Alarm System Reports and Automated Services
Monitored alarm systems that report to you automatically, at a schedule that you set. Remote technology checks ensure that your alarm system is always in top performing shape. We report to you all activity in a convenient, easy-to-read report.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service: setting the standard for tomorrow’s home alarm monitoring services.

Options for Secure Monitoring Connections

Internet. Hardwired. Cell Phone Monitoring.
Most alarm monitoring companies offer three options for maintaining a secure, encrypted monitoring connection to your property’s security system.

Every property’s needs are different. A Therrell Alarm Protection Service professional can help you build the functionality for the security level your property needs.

Internet Security Alarm Monitoring
Monitored via an internet connection, this home monitoring system design offers many benefits, including wireless flexibility. It is at risk of losing power, being disabled, or otherwise becoming disconnected.

Telephone Wire Alarm Monitoring Services
Using your hardwired telephone line, the home monitoring system is fast, with increased security against weather and other damage. However, damage to the phone line can cause system disconnection.

Cell Phone Monitoring
An enhanced cell phone signal provides the most secure method of alarm system monitoring. Offering property owners flexibility and the best peace of mind available.

For every square footage. For every budget. Security for every home: Therrell Alarm Protection Service.

Business Alarm Monitoring

Security Monitoring For Commercial Properties

Businesses can take a lifetime to build, and only moments to destroy. Professional, secure commercial alarm monitoring ensures the best protection for your business.

Reduce response time by up to two minutes. In an emergency, every second counts. Commercial security alarm monitoring saves thousands of dollars every year in losses from property damage, theft, accidents, and other emergency situations.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service: top in business alarm companies in Central Texas.


Exterior Lighting Sensors
Monitor and control exterior property lighting to create security around your entire property.

Gates and Other Access Controls
Tech engineering reports incoming and outgoing activity at your property, in addition to alerting a monitoring professional immediately in the event of damage or tampering.

Monitoring For Businesses in Every Industry

In Central Texas and Beyond
Commercial alarm solutions that can be customized for every business’ needs. We serve properties in every walk of life.

  • Retail, warehouses, and storage centers
  • Data storage and tech facilities
  • Apartment buildings, rental properties, and community clubhouses
  • Government and municipal buildings
  • Schools, childcare centers, medical facilities, and more

For any property that needs ultimate security, best services from one of the Central Texas’ top of the line security monitoring companies: Therrell Alarm Protection Service.

Glass Break Alarms
Using wireless technology, alarms are triggered by glass being broken by intruders or severe weather.

Commercial Emergency Response Alarms
Sometimes known as “panic buttons,” these monitored alarm systems for businesses are designed to instantly alert local emergency personnel.

Electronic Door Locks
Sensors on your doors that relay valuable security information and can be controlled remotely.

Gates and Other Access Controls
Tech engineering reports incoming and outgoing activity at your property, in addition to alerting a monitoring professional immediately in the event of damage or tampering.

Among Central Texas’ Best Alarm System Monitoring Companies

Protecting Homes. Securing Businesses. Monitoring Texas Communities.

Therrell Alarm Protection Service proudly provides residential and commercial burglar alarm monitoring for our neighbors, family, friends, and all the community. As a Certified UL Monitoring Station, Therrell Alarm Protection Service has pride in our dedication to keeping you safe.

Serving Central Texas and beyond. Providing exemplary central station monitoring services from the best trained technicians.