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Fire Alarm Systems

Residential and Commercial Fire Alarm Company

Protect your property. Protect your life.

Innovative call center technology that automatically forwards your calls during the day and after hours. When your staff is with someone, let our professionals pick up the phone. When your team has gone home for the day, all your incoming calls come to us for immediately, friendly services on behalf of your business.

Handle emergencies. Offer your customers peace of mind. Schedule appointments. Increase your business’ efficiency. Enjoy the top professional call answering service in Central Texas.

Fire Alarm Repair

24-Hour Response

We answer our phones 24/7/365. Call us anytime for questions on your business or home fire alarm systems.

Licensed Technicians

Therrell Alarm Protection Service technicians are trained and certified by the national organization NICET, as well as Texas state agencies.

1 Year Warranty

For one year after installation, we guarantee your satisfaction with any home or commercial fire alarm systems. If you’re not fully satisfied, call us.

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Full Service for Fire Alarm Systems

Sale. Installation. Inspection. Repair. Upgrade.

For all stages of fire alarm maintenance. New construction, historic properties, remodels, and upgrades.

Install and Service
Full fire alarm installation and maintenance. Get your system running and keep it that way.

Expandable Fire Alarm Systems
Expands your current system to incorporate and update new features.

Retrofit New System
Retrofit new fire alarm systems onto outdated systems already on your property.

Inspections & Certifications
Full fire alarm inspections and certifications for government and insurance requirements.

Fire alarm security
Security video surveillance

Innovative Fire Alarm Systems Technology

Saving Thousands of Lives Every Year

The best reputations in the fire safety industry. Serving Central Texas and beyond every day.

  • Fike Fire Alarms
  • Mircom Fire Alarms
  • Silent Knight Fire Alarms
  • Notifier Fire Alarm System

Engineering for immediate response. Saving lives. Protecting property. Therrell Alarm Protection Service.

Home Fire Alarm Systems

For Multiple Areas of Your Property

Fires can originate in garages, workshops, pool pump houses, and storage areas – places where no one notices right away. Don’t let property quietly be destroyed. Uninterrupted fire alarm system monitoring gives you eyes in every building, at all times.

Customize a fire alarm system that’s right for any home – from apartments to multi-dwelling buildings, from suburban residences to country estates spread over several acres. Therrell Alarm Protection Service has the fire protection solution for your home.

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The Right Protection for Your Family

Every year, fires cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage across Central Texas. That is why every year, thousands of homeowners install fire alarm systems on their properties.

Keep your family safe. When disaster strikes, a fire alarm ensures a fast response.

Smart Sensors Detect Flames and Smoke

Cutting edge technology allows sensors throughout your home to guide emergency personnel during a fire. Our central monitoring technician communicates data about temperature and air quality directly to emergency services.

24-Hour Fire Alarm Company Monitoring

Receive around-the-clock fire alarm monitoring for the ultimate coverage and protection. Whether you’re home, at work, or on vacation, someone will be watching your fire alarm system, ready to sound the alert.

Alarms in the home and alarms at the central monitoring station ensure that people at your property are made aware of danger, while the system automatically calls for help from local emergency services.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

On-Site Commercial Fire Panels

Technology and Engineering Combined

Monitor fire alarm sensors and system components in real time. Receive automated reports on system activity. Check fire alarms remotely.

Top on-site commercial fire panels allow your alarm system to provide your whole property with the best preventative monitoring, as well as precise control during an emergency.

The Right Protection for Your Business

Get a solution tailored to meet your business’ needs. Therrell Alarm Protection Service offers a variety of solutions for commercial properties in all industries throughout Central Texas.

  • Schools, university buildings, and day care centers.
  • Restaurants, commercial kitchens, dining halls, and food storage.
  • Medical and healthcare facilities.
  • Office spaces and data centers.
  • Retail and grocery stores.

Full fire alarm installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance to keep your system serving and protecting every inch of your property, every day of the year.

Scheduled Fire Alarm Inspection

Ongoing Performance Re-Certification

Local fire authorities want verification of your fire alarm system’s operations. Insurance companies request inspections during claims and underwriting.

Whether you’re satisfying a state of Texas agency, an insurance adjustor, or an investor, our trained technicians perform full fire alarm inspections and provide the documentation you need.

Trusted Name In Fire Alarm Systems

Serving Central Texas since 1956

Therrell Alarm Protection Service is one of the top locally owned and operated Central Texas fire alarm companies. We service and monitor alarm systems across the state from our UL-rated facility.