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If you’re searching to review your fire alarm company, you are ahead of the curve. But there are more than 400 fire sprinkler system companies in New Jersey only (and there are a lot more in New York).

Being proactive protects your constituents and your property from fire danger. But with a lot of fire protection agencies around, how do you pick the right fire alarm company for you?

Highly trained security team is included when you get alarm monitoring services.

We made a comprehensive list of things to look for when choosing a fire alarm company.

Here’s what you should have asked your fire protection company—

What fire protection services do they offer?

The types of fire protection systems you need for your facility may influence what kind of fire alarm company to choose. Some companies only focus on one or two types of services.

For example, some companies provide portable fire extinguisher and kitchen system inspections. But some companies concentrate on sprinklers or fire alarms.

Does your vendor cover all of the fire protection services needed? If not, how will you take care of any gaps?

Who does the job?

Make sure whichever fire protection services company you pick has the experience and knowledge for the job.

Do they complete the work themselves or contract it out with other contractors?

There are only a few companies that can install, check, and repair all types of fire protection systems and do it exceptionally.

How much experience do they have?

When researching fire inspection companies, focus on how long they’ve been in business.

If you just need a fast inspection so you can sell your building, it may not matter a lot. But if you’re looking for a long-term partner, you may need to find out when the fire alarm company started.

Fire codes and technologies change, but experience proves that a company can do good work.

Who are some of their clients?

You’d probably want to see proof if you hired a contractor for your home. This is just part of good business. The rules apply here.

Any fire protection company that does good work should have a long list of satisfied clients ready to vouch for them.

Here are a few questions you need to ask—

  • Who’s your best/favorite client?
  • What was your biggest project ever?
  • How long do most clients stay with you?
  • Bonus points if your prospective fire sprinkler company has done work for known facilities or corporations. That provides scale and reliability—all good signs.

It takes an extended amount of time, effort, and knowledge to become a leader in the fire safety field. Looking for a reliable leader can be a shortcut to finding a strong company.

fire alarm company crew inspecting the alarm

What about pricing?

There are a lot of fire protection companies that gives low-cost inspections. Are you looking to “buy a tag”—just to keep the fire official at check—or do you want a thorough inspection to make sure that your employees and building are safe?

Costs matter, we get that. But have some perspective: fire safety is a serious matter. That’s why we have laws about it.

Fire protection systems costs can differ greatly, depending on a number of factors:

  • Size of the establishment
  • Age of the building (older & historic buildings can be more than a challenge to work in)
  • Features and functions to be checked
  • What is being protected
  • Specialty system testing devices
  • Off-hour inspection requirements

To add to that, be aware of additional charges that are not part of the provided price. When matching company prices, make sure you are comparing the same levels of service to avoid unexpected additional charges that low bid companies usually submit.

How’s your record logging?

Not all fire protection companies are equal. How they track and keep their records is a major difference.

Does your company use a paperwork order to record their inspections? Or an app-based inspection form?

Paper systems are ideal for data security, but they can be slow, prone to damage or loss, and mistakes. While digital systems have their issues, secure online access and backups mitigate these problem.

How’s the customer service?

Customer service, especially response time, is important in this work. A technician can only handle so many calls in a day.

Know how many technicians your fire alarm company has. That will provide you an idea of how busy they are and how quickly they can respond to the situation.