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Telephone Wire Alarm Monitoring Services 101: Choosing the suitable commercial and home security alarm system for your commercial space and residential property can be overwhelming as many options are available. Wireless alarm systems are the popular choice on the market. However, many homeowners still choose a wired alarm system. They opt for a wired alarm system as it provides homeowners with ease of use, durability, reliability, and many more benefits. In this blog post, we will dig deeper into why more homeowners still prefer wired alarm systems over wireless counterparts.

What is a Wired Alarm System?

A wired alarm system is hardwired into your building and communicates through attached wires. Each sensor is physically connected to the control panel, and in monitored systems, the control panel typically communicates with the outside monitoring service via landline.

The landline monitoring system uses a plain old telephone system (POTS) or landline to connect your security system to the monitoring station of your alarm monitoring company. It is the most minimal security monitoring coverage available. 

How Does a Wired Alarm System Work?

Compared to a wireless alarm system, a wired alarm system communicates via wires that run in the walls of your house. A wired alarm system comprises multiple hardware components that require professional installation. 

Each detector is connected to the central panel using cables and wires. This alarm system uses telephone lines to operate and communicate.

You may think that the way wired alarm systems work is less modern and technologically advanced than their wireless counterparts, but they still come with various benefits for homeowners.

Its central control panel is directly connected to your traditional phone line with Landline Monitoring.

  1. When the alarm in your premises is triggered, your security system transmits a signal through your traditional phone line to your telephone wire alarm monitoring services provider.
  2. Your chosen telephone wire alarm monitoring service provider will dispatch highly-trained experts to call you within seconds for confirmation and verification if you need help. If it's a false alarm, the alarm monitoring company will deactivate the alarm dispatch and make sure you're okay. If you need assistance, they will dispatch the police, fire truck, ambulance, or necessary team to help you. They will stay on the line with you until they arrive.

What are the Benefits of Telephone Wire Alarm Monitoring Services?

Easier to Maintain

Yes, the required maintenance may vary between wired alarm systems. However, most wired alarm systems on the market are easier to maintain for homeowners and business owners compared to their wireless counterparts. 

The initial setup may require time, energy, and effort; however, the system requires less maintenance once the internal wiring is configured. Moreover, the parts of a wired system are readily available on the market. Therefore, even if one or more elements need replacement, you can easily find them or call your alarm monitoring company to replace them.

More Reliable Alarm System

Compared to a wireless alarm system, a wired alarm system does not rely on wireless connectivity or Bluetooth, making it more reliable. For example, you will not experience connectivity issues with wired alarm systems due to weak signals.

Radio frequencies may compromise other wireless devices, like remote controls or baby monitors. These devices can jam the whole system or trigger false alarms using wireless alarm systems. Hackers can also manipulate these radio frequencies to gain unauthorized access to your wireless alarm system. With a wired alarm system, you will not face such interference issues.  

Generally, a wired alarm system is more reliable than a wireless system. As every part of the system is physically connected, there's almost no chance of interference.

Better Security

In the case of a wired alarm system, the central control panel is protected with a heavy-duty metal case and lock. Moreover, some wired alarm system models also have a keypad security lock that allows users to hide the central control panel in a location where it cannot be easily accessed for extra protection. As a wireless alarm system does not contain any wire, it is typically not secured with protective cases.

Affordable Option

The cost of wireless and wired alarm systems mainly differs from their installation and maintenance. A wired alarm system costs more to install. However, its maintenance expenses are more cost-friendly than the maintenance cost of a wireless alarm system, as its parts are readily available on the market.

Don't Rely On Power 

You can count on a wired alarm system as they don't rely on power, so you won't worry about running out of power. A wired alarm system will only run out of power quickly if there is a power outage. A reliable wired alarm system can use a backup power system even during a power outage. 

Moreover, with a wired alarm system, you'll never have to worry about changing batteries.

Experts on wiring a fire alarm system.

Covers Larger Areas Inside Your Home or Commercial Premises

A wired alarm system does not rely on alarm sensors to stay connected to the central control panel. This feature allows coverage to more extensive areas of your property and offers more excellent security.

Sensors are too far from the control panel than a wireless alarm system limited by range. Their radio frequencies might not be able to reach. In a wired alarm system, range isn't an issue. Whether the sensors are a meter or a kilometer away doesn't matter. A wired alarm system can communicate if connected to the control panel.

What are the Disadvantages of Telephone Wire Alarm Monitoring Services?

Burglar entering a residential property.

Landline monitoring can also be the easiest to compromise when burglars have targeted your premises. They can find and disconnect your landline by cutting the connection outside your home or on telephone poles and other related equipment.

Moreover, the alarm control cannot signal the alarm monitoring company if your phone line is cut, disconnected, or otherwise out of service. 

From a security standpoint, your alarm monitoring company may recommend cellular or internet monitoring instead of landline monitoring.

However, telephone wire alarm monitoring services provide backup to the telephone line with a cell phone, radio, and internet monitoring.