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Our home should feel like our safe space. However, fire emergencies can strike at any time, even in a place where we feel the safest. As such, you must elevate your fire protection efforts. We’ll look into the the primary differences of residential fire alarms and smoke detectors in today's post.

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Residential Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors: Are They the Same?

Most homeowners believe that smoke detectors and fire alarms are the same devices. While they are considered similar in terms of having fire protection and safety features, there’s more to them than that.

Smoke detectors are a fire safety device that can detect the presence of smoke. As you know, fires and combustions can cause smoke.

Do you need both residential fire alarms and smoke detector?

Whether it’s smoke coming from an overheating oven, a malfunctioning electrical appliance, or a lit cigarette butt left in the house, the smoke coming from any of those sources can trigger a smoke detector.

Once the detector is activated, an alarm is set off to alert everyone inside the property. The occupants can then have a chance to evacuate the building before the fire spreads.

A smoke detector can then be integrated with a fire alarm system, which we’ll explain in the following section.

A residential fire alarm system is composed of circuits and components that monitor and announce the status of a fire.

It can also be linked to a monitoring station. This means that when the alarm is activated, local authorities can be alerted to send help immediately.

Do You Need Both?

Smoke detectors are typically seen in smaller properties. However, to maximize their use, smoke detectors must be placed in every room and floor of the house.

Residential fire alarms, on the other hand, are used in larger properties. It’s ideal to set them up on stairways leading to the basement or the attic.

The kitchen, which has the highest risk of fire, must also be equipped with a fire alarm.

If you have a bigger home, it’s ideal to have a fire alarm system installed in your property. You can protect your home from fire this way.

For instance, if there’s a fire in the basement, the fire alarm can alert the entire household instead of one concentrated area of the house.

Additional Benefits of Fire Alarms in the House

Homeowners with fire alarms installed in their property can take advantage of additional benefits than those who only have smoke detectors.

The features of residential fire alarms go beyond making a noise and alerting everyone within the vicinity if there’s a fire. Those who would like to add an extra layer to their homes’ fire safety precautions can appreciate the following advantages of fire alarms:

  • You can add fire sprinklers to the fire alarm system.
  • You can incorporate an alarm box that will alert the authorities immediately after the alarm system is activated.
  • You can add transmitters to notify emergency responders if the resident is impaired, disabled, or elderly.
  • You can add warning lights made explicitly to those with hearing disabilities.

Fire Alarm Inspections

A residential fire alarms system can make your home protected from fire emergencies.

It’s vital to have a professional inspector come over to do a comprehensive check on the alarm system.

These professionals are trained to look for issues and adequately address them.

Fire alarm systems that are more than a decade old should be inspected by an experienced professional.

This is especially true for homes under a connected alarm and security system.

Need a Team of Fire Alarm Experts for Your Home?

The right alarm system package for your place of residence will depend on several important factors. These items include the proper size, the members of your household (whether they are a senior, disabled, etc.), and other vital factors.

Calling the experts at Therrell Alarm will make it easier for you to determine the right residential fire alarm package for you. As experts in the industry, you can count on us to provide a reliable fire alarm system that can work efficiently when you need it the most.