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For many organizations and businesses, using a professional answering service may be a bit of a luxury. They think that their clients might be put off by the idea of talking to a receptionist or a call center agent, who may not be able to address whatever issue they may have.

However, this could not be further from the truth. Fortunately, more and more companies are turning to professional answering service providers despite this misguided and erroneous thought process.

According to business.com, the answering service industry has helped businesses – big or small – implement a more streamlined approach in handling their communication channels; this results in producing overall value and profit for companies.

Common myth and misconceptions about the professional answering service industry.

Myth 1: Customers Don’t Like Answering Services

While there are customers who want nothing more than to speak with the CEO or president of the company, that is simply not realistic and practical. More than anything, the majority of customers appreciate speaking with an actual live representative.

Professionals in the answering service field provide a friendly, accommodating, and understanding voice when listening to the issues of the customers. They can also help in scheduling appointments and providing any information about the business that the caller needs.

Myth 2: No One Uses the Phone Anymore. Everyone’s on the Internet

Because of the widespread use of the internet, most of us think no one’s using the phone and calling anyone anymore. The misconception is people would rather use online services such as chat and email. A study conducted in 2018 determined that over 60 percent of consumers prefer phone calls over chat, email, or other online channels.

It’s good to give customers options to contact you – whether online or on the phone. A professional answering service allows businesses to provide the service most customers prefer.

Myth 3: Answering Service Agents Won’t Care About Resolving Customer Issues

It’s a common thing for business owners to think that no one else can provide better service to their customers than them. They feel as though they must have their hand in every single detail and process within their company. It’s a combination of passion and dedication in offering excellent customer service. However, it’s also verging on micromanagement, which could significantly hold their business back.

Micromanagement holds businesses back from success

Professional answering service providers have well-trained and friendly call operators. They are aware of the fact that they are an extension of the business; thus, they are prepared and guided to do their best in representing your company.

Furthermore, there are answering services that are specific to the medical, legal, construction, plumbing, business, security alarm monitoring, and other industries. These agents undergo training before they can speak with customers.

Myth 4: Call Operators Are Not Based in the United States

One of the reasons consumers can get turned off when they call a national company is if they find out that the customer support services are outsourced to a foreign country.

While there are professional answering service providers in the country offering bilingual support, especially in states with a large population of Spanish-speaking people, immigrants, etc., many of them are located in the United States. Thus, your clients will never have to worry about anything lost in translation.

Myth 5: Customer Data and Information Won’t Be Secured

Strict HIPAA requirements and data breach prevention measures are necessary. Thus, businesses handle their customer’s privacy with great care. Some answering services, especially the cheap ones that don’t carry themselves professionally, may be a risk.

However, there are reputable ones who could provide the privacy protection you need for your clients.

Answering Services Are Costly

One of the major misconceptions about employing call answering services is that they are expensive and will drain your company resources. On the contrary, using a professional answering service can benefit you financially.

Receptionist answering multiple calls

You can save on overhead because you don’t have to hire a receptionist or support staff working full-time with benefits.
You can expand your business with more services and top-quality customer care.

Final Thoughts

As a business, don’t let these misconceptions about answering services discourage you for trying them out. They may just be the solution you need in order for your business to grow and thrive. We hope this information helped you. If you have any more questions about this type of service before taking the leap, please contact us.