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Time is money for legal professionals. When it comes to lead capturing and client intake service, many small or solo legal firms are at a disadvantage because of lesser resources. Fortunately, law firms can turn to a reliable legal answering service to increase productivity.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about the client intake process and how a legal answering service provider can enhance your practice’s lead capturing and new client intake procedures.

New Client Intake Stage

Many law practices have not been successful with the new client intake procedure. That’s not entirely surprising because legal intake is, indeed, hard work. Many are under the assumption that since your staff and prospective clients are merely talking on the phone, that’s all there is to it.

However, there’s more to these conversations than meet the eye. It’s an often overlooked procedure that leads to law firms passing up on tremendous opportunities by not improving their intake process.

Law firms struggle on this stage, and they don’t particularly realize that it’s costing them a lot. When they let calls from new leads or prospective clients go to voicemail, those are virtually lost forever.

Lawyers are always busy, but someone at their practice must be available to answer calls at all times.

Almost a hundred percent of the time, people trying to reach law firms have the most urgent needs and concerns.

A legal answering service can help provide immediate answers to these callers, as well as capture their information so your office can follow up right away.

One thing’s for sure. If your legal practice doesn’t have a live person available to answer the phones and speak with prospective clients, you risk losing significant revenue.

A Legal Answering Service Can Help on Marketing Campaigns

Whatever type of business you have, it’s always smart to invest in a substantial advertising and marketing campaign. However, all the hard work you poured into developing your firm’s marketing and advertising strategies will go down the drain if you don’t have someone at the office answering calls from new leads.

The marketing strides you’ve made, including the time and money you’ve allotted into your campaign, could be washed away if you failed to have someone available to answer new lead calls. Or worse, if you have someone answering the calls but is less than impressive and reliable.

Having useful, reliable, and engaging content on your website and social media is one thing; it builds trust and positions you as a thought leader. However, that trust could be gone in a matter of seconds.

Even if a prospective client finds your online content relevant, nothing is stopping them from seeking other legal practices if they’ve experienced a first phone call at your firm that leaves them disappointed and unsatisfied.

A legal answering service with a team highly trained on leap capturing and client intake can make your marketing ventures worthwhile.

Preparation Is Key

The new client intake process is more than just taking messages from callers. If your law firm’s staff merely asked for the name and number of a prospective client, this will most likely leave the caller underwhelmed, unimpressed, and disappointed.

A professional legal answering service can guarantee to provide the highest quality of customer service to prospective clients. An answering service representative highly trained on taking legal calls can expertly collect the caller’s details, including the case information.

Lawyers always need to focus on the cases they’re working on; they’re not always available to answer prospective clients’ questions. Thus, you’ll need an expert answering service to handle first-time callers.

This involves a well-thought-out client intake procedure to collect all the pertinent information during the call. First-time callers will see your firm as a highly organized and reputable organization when they know that you’re operating under a well-established protocol.

Key Takeaway

Legal answering service providers help small and solo law practices.

Legal practices should always pull out all the stops in providing the best quality of customer service. This includes being readily available and informative over the phone.

Your number one mission is to show new leads that you are ready and willing to address their needs and concerns. Make sure that their voices are heard.

Proper legal intake procedures take and expertise. It’s not something that should be rushed or not be prioritized. Don’t let poor client intake and lead capturing practices affect your bottom line. Our legal answering service can help. Get in touch with us today.