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If you’re curious about installing central station monitoring in your home or business, you may be thinking “What’s the benefits? How good is it, really?”

The short answer: Really good. Really.

Central station monitoring provides round-the-clock care and protection for your loved ones and property. Don’t worry about what’s going on when you’re away – you’ll have eyes on your home or business at all times.

Security and Alarm Monitoring

Most central station monitoring services provide security and alarm monitoring. If you have a security system that covers multiple points of entry, such as doors, windows, and other entrances, it’s difficult to ensure they are all monitored at once. Through sophisticated sensors and real-time technology, you can have someone keeping an eye on your security system all the time.

Video Monitoring

Some monitoring stations also provide 24-hour CCTV video stream monitoring. Depending on the services available, a representative may be available to actively monitor your live video stream at random or critical times. Or, you may have a representative respond to an alert or security trigger by tapping into your video stream first, before issuing emergency response.

Calling the Authorities for You

Security monitoring company can catch the intruder before they know they're caught.
Security monitoring company can catch the intruder before they know they're caught.

Central station monitoring have real-time and detailed information, and they respond to real emergencies, fast. When there is a security breach at your property, the monitoring agent is able to contact your local authorities with details about the location, the duration of the issue, and potentially what the responders can expect. For example, your windows may have alarms installed that trigger when the glass is shattered. The agent is alerted to the shattered glass, and he or she can tell the police exactly which window. The agent will let them know that there is glass in the area and on the ground, and anything else they need to know.

If a person enters your property and triggers multiple alarms, the agent can report the specific movements of the person (or people) to the police, so they can be prepared with specific information.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Most central station monitoring services also monitor and manage fire alarm systems. In the case that a fire response system is activated, the monitoring agent can immediately alert and convey information to the local fire department. Or, if your property includes a fire alarm but no sprinkler or suppression system, your representative can again report the information on your behalf, saving your property and helping to prevent damage to neighboring businesses or bystanders.

Fire alarm vector sign

Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency, your property may lose power, phone service, or other methods you would normally use to communicate with others outside the property. However, your central monitoring service is prepared for this. When an unusual occurrence – like a power loss or cut phone line – happens, your monitoring service will know and can act.

Trained and Certified Technicians

Alarm monitoring services range from round-the-clock to your business’ off-hours. Do you need someone to keep an eye on things at all times, or only at times when a regular member of your staff can’t do it themselves? Customize your involvement in your own security and fire alarm monitoring. Know that if you trust your property to a central station monitoring service, you’re handing yourself to trusted professionals.

So, trust your monitoring needs to certified, trained professionals who are experts in keeping your business, your property, and your loved ones protected.

No Guarantees

As amazing as most alarm monitoring services are, there is no absolute guarantee against every type of risk. However, a monitoring service at your property that is watched by someone at a centralized location, might be about as close to a solid guarantee as you’ll ever find.

Answer: Central Station Monitoring Rocks

There’s no reason to ask what’s great about central station monitoring – the question answers itself quickly. What’s so great about alarm monitoring services? Everything! You get protection, you get service, you get safety. You get peace of mind.

Leave town. Set a schedule. Receive regular reports. Supplement your on-site security services. Offer better fire protection. Know more while doing less. That’s what’s so great about central station monitoring services.