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Having fire alarm monitoring services in your business has a lot of advantages. A fire alarm system isn't operating to its full potential unless monitored. Unmonitored fire alarm systems only work when someone is present to hear the fire alarm and call the essential emergency services.

However, fire alarm monitoring services can provide you with the support you require when your business premises are unoccupied, and a fire happens.

What are Fire Alarm Monitoring Services?

Fire alarm monitoring services involve hiring a third-party company to give full-time monitoring of a site's fire safety system. They'll be monitoring for system faults that may compromise the system's effectiveness in the event of a fire and alarm, heat, and smoke detectors that might suggest a fire has broken out.

Fire alarm monitoring services can help protect your business from fire breakouts.

If it's thought that there's a fire, the fire alarm monitoring services team will confirm it's not a false alarm, either by calling the account key holder or through the site's CCTV system, if possible. If there's a confirmed fire, the monitoring team can instantly action an emergency response from the fire brigade and emergency services.

Who Monitors the Fire Alarms?

Here at Therrell Alarm Protection Service, our monitoring staff are highly skilled and hold years of industry experience monitoring all kinds of alarms across several industries. They're trained to a high standard to respond fast and efficiently to every alarm and give the most appropriate quick response to all situations, such as the fire brigade.

We take pride in our exemplary customer support, and we guarantee all fire alarm monitoring services operatives are very much skilled in this industry to provide a calm, friendly, and highly approachable service during moments that have the potential to be stressful for the client.

Some of the perks of owning a monitored fire alarm on your commercial property are:

Rapid Response

Fire alarm monitoring services could respond to an emergency in minutes instead of an individual who is suffering from the stressful situation of a fire. As a result, the fire department's effectiveness in putting out the fire and minimizing site damage is improved.

False Alarms

Fire alarms could cause a great deal of stress and inconvenience, most especially false ones. Having fire alarm monitoring services means that you will not be receiving several unnecessary phone calls from the security provider, as the third party will only contact emergency services in case of an actual emergency.

Reduce Business Disruption

Having fire alarm monitoring services means that it will be reported and handled immediately as soon as a fire breaks out. This can help mitigate any potential business disruption in the form of site damage, equipment malfunction, stock loss, and employee anxiety. You will all be able to quickly leave the location, knowing that the fire brigade has already been notified.

Risk Reduction for Employees

The duties for monitoring alarm systems no longer fall to the employees if you hire a third-party service. If a fire does occur, employees can leave the site safely without alerting emergency services about the alarm activation, which could actually threaten their lives.

Fire alarm monitoring services can also protect the lives of your employees.

Precise Information for First Responders

With standard fire alarms, the source of the fire can't be easily pinpointed. With a monitored system in place, information about precisely which alarm in the building was triggered is dispatched to the central station and the alarm signal itself. This can save firefighters valuable time when they arrive on the scene and are set to work.

Insurance Benefit

Because of the numerous benefits allotted to having fire alarm monitoring services, insurance companies usually offer discounts on premiums. Business owners can save up to 15% on their overall insurance costs simply by implementing a monitored platform.

Peace of Mind

Fire alarm monitoring services give you complete peace of mind that someone keeps an eye on your property for potential fires. You don't need to be concerned about whether or not anyone is on-site, during the weekend or a bank holiday, or who would take charge of such a responsibility.

Fire alarm monitoring services give an extra layer of defense for your employees and business premises. Although not necessitated by law, it provides you with confidence that if a fire were to occur in your building, then emergency services would be there promptly.

What to Consider When Hiring Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Fire alarm monitoring systems can quickly notify emergency services in case of a fire.

Your system must maintain communication with the fire alarm monitoring services company. The National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code require that systems "poll" the monitoring station every 30 days. Does the alarm company have records of the connectivity attempts? It should!

Is your fire alarm monitoring system being installed by a state-licensed contractor? Improper installation is a more common issue than equipment malfunctioning.

Do you wish to disconnect your landline phone service soon? If so, discuss this with your alarm monitoring service to make sure a wireless backup system is in place.

Unmonitored smoke detectors are not enough in case of fires.

Burglar and fire alarms are the most usual installations but consider adding carbon monoxide detectors, water leak sensors, and low-temperature monitoring devices for a nominal additional cost. Motion detectors, light controls, remote access, and exterior cameras are bonuses that may also incur added costs.

Most states' conditions for residential alarm systems aren't as stringent as those for commercial buildings, so buyers beware. Purchase the system from a reliable company familiar with the requirements in your place. Ask for references or consider referrals from a person you know and trust.

At Therrell Alarm Protection Service, we offer a professional, transparent and honest, fully monitored fire alarm monitoring service. Please reach out to us today to ensure that your premises are fully protected.