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Securing your business through business alarm monitoring is important, and the long-term benefits will certainly outweigh any expenses you incur in the short term.

As a business owner, you're naturally worried about costs, so you make every effort to keep these costs to a minimum by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Would you consider a comprehensive security system to be such an expense? If you see it that way, you might want to reconsider. Here are how business alarm monitoring can make your business establishment safer:

1. Protect Your Employees

Every company should have a business alarm monitoring system.

Any business alarm monitoring system's main goal is to protect your property, including everyone and everything inside. Because your employees are the company's most valuable asset, it's critical that they feel secure and comfortable while on the job, especially if you are working a reduced, late-night schedule. Your staff could perform their responsibilities without worrying about break-ins if you install a business alarm monitoring system. Including alarm buttons that might be manually activated would give your staff even more peace of mind.

If a break-in happens, the alarm system will be triggered by your staff or the sensors. The police would be contacted as soon as the alarm goes off. The quicker the response time, the less likely anyone will be injured.

2. Reduce the Risk of Theft

If a company sets security cameras in visible, prominent locations, there would most likely be less occurrence of theft. Most people are frightened of compromising situations resulting in legal difficulties; thus, they'll not steal stuff if video cameras are around. Moreover, these cameras will safeguard a company from employees with "sticky fingers." Officials often discover that thefts are committed by people who have easy access to the merchandise rather than by visitors or customers. The use of 24/7 business alarm monitoring could reduce thefts that occur after hours while a worker or employee is alone in the company building.

3. Secure Restricted Areas

Certain places of business establishments shouldn't be accessible to the general public. These rooms could include the main office space, safe, storerooms, manufacturing floor, or other rooms which contain sensitive data or equipment. You can also not want your visitors or employees to use certain building entrances or exits.

Alarm systems are an important investment for your company.

You could arm particular areas to restrict access to just authorized people by using a business alarm monitoring system as an access control. The alarm would be triggered if someone enters a restricted area without permission, and you'll be able to respond accordingly.

4. Monitor Environmental Changes

Some companies use goods sensitive to variations in moisture or temperature, whether inventory or equipment. Numerous commercial alarm systems can be combined with sensors that monitor any environmental shifts that could be detrimental to your business.

Many systems could be combined with your fire or carbon monoxide detection devices and environmental changes. The alarm will alert the appropriate authorities if something's triggered, allowing them to respond immediately. You could also have notifications sent directly to your phone, allowing you to watch your property even while not working.

5. Save Money on Business Insurance

A business alarm monitoring system will save you money by reducing theft and vandalism, saving you money on insurance. Most insurers will lower your annual fees when installing an alarm system because your business gets fewer risks of danger. You could even save more money if you use a business alarm monitoring service. You could get more competitive in the marketplace with all of the savings.

6. Attract Customers to the Company

Robberies targeting various consumers are bound to happen at business establishments. In large retail malls, that's a typical occurrence. You don't want potential customers to be worried when they shop at your store. You also want them to feel secure or at ease. Installing commercial security would bring in a significant number of new customers.

7. 24/7 Monitoring

Getting a business alarm monitoring system indicates that your security system will not only sound when the alarm is tripped but will also notify the authorities. The authorities would be contacted in minutes after the 24/7 monitoring service determines where and when someone was on the property. Whenever suspect activity is detected, you'll be notified through a phone call, no matter where you are.

8. Quick Response from the Authorities

When your security system alarm is triggered, authorities are promptly notified of a suspected crime, significantly increasing the chances of the offenders being convicted and apprehended and possibly even reducing the amount of damage done. Businesses without a security system, on the other hand, wouldn't be able to alert authorities as swiftly. Imagine a robbery at a bank.

Business security systems could also prevent unauthorized entry.

Employees would be unable to safely call for assistance without a security alarm system until the robbers had escaped. Any theft and damage from an after-hours burglary would not be found for several hours or even days, giving burglars plenty of opportunities to hide their tracks.

Business alarm monitoring systems help the police respond more quickly, protecting business assets and employees in critical situations.

9. Prevent Unauthorized Entry

Knowing who enters and exits your organization is critical to ensuring its security. With an expertly installed business alarm monitoring system and an efficient access control system, you can track and see who is coming and going to your establishment.

10. Peace of Mind

The biggest benefit of implementing a business alarm monitoring system is the peace of mind that comes with knowing the property is safe from environmental harm and theft. Even if you never need to utilize your alarm system — and hopefully you won't — knowing that it is always watching your back could help you and your employees feel protected and safe. You could even spend some of your time off without having to monitor your property constantly!

Business Alarm Monitoring Technologies to Secure Your Commercial Business & Property

Whether you need just a burglar alarm system and cameras, or you wish to get a smart commercial security system that is fully customizable, we can assist with creating a specially designed package to suit your needs.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Designed to keep burglars and intruders at bay, commercial security systems offer real-time surveillance and monitoring, access control, and fire and life safety.

Comprising a keypad, control panel, and contact sensors, alarm systems could be purchased as a bells-only solution that sounds alarms to detect potential intruders. For increased 24/7 protection, consider a smart alarm system with real-time Central Station Monitoring to quickly dispatch local first responders and emergency services.

Commercial Fire & Life Safety

Based on the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments across the US respond to a blaze every 24 seconds, with a structural fire happening every 63 seconds. Adding life and fire safety to protect your employees and commercial property is a must with these startling numbers. Having regularly maintained and inspected devices like carbon monoxide detectors and fire and smoke alarms can be the difference between damages, injuries, and even death.

Security Cameras & Video Surveillance

While alarm systems with Central Station Monitoring offer active, real-time alerts within or around the commercial property, adding indoor, outdoor, and front-door cameras could offer even higher protection levels. This technology could also assist law enforcement in identifying and apprehending would-be vandals and thieves.

Security systems can help deter burglars.

When working with a security provider partnered with a smart security vendor, you'll have access to smart technologies, including 24/7 video surveillance and remote monitoring, motion detection, and video analytics. Some front-door cameras offer intelligent lighting integration and nighttime detection for advanced, after-hours safety.

Intercom/Entrance Systems

Also known as telephone entry systems, two-way intercoms provide an extra security layer for property, employee, and asset protection. With visuals of the parties requiring entry via two-way video and audio, consider combining this with front-door cameras for contactless communications and additional security. With the help of smart technologies, such features could be controlled on-site or remotely.

What Do Business Alarm Monitoring Help Protect Against?

An effective business alarm security system will help protect your business and revenue from several threats, including the following.


Although non-residential burglaries, like an office or storefront, occur at about half the rate of home burglaries, the total value of stolen objects is greater in businesses.

Business alarm monitoring systems with features such as surveillance cameras, motion sensors, alarms, and 24/7 monitoring can effectively deter and help increase the chances of recovering stolen goods.


As the main source of inventory loss for retail establishments, shoplifting–even in tiny amounts–can greatly impact your bottom line. One survey of 21 retailers discovered the average shoplifting incident for all retailers was $50. That might sound small, but if you do the math, it adds up–just one accident a day adds up to an $18,250 loss every year.

A commercial security system that includes high-definition surveillance cameras can be an effective deterrent in preventing shoplifting and identifying suspected shoplifters.


Whether it is graffiti or the destruction of property, a single act of vandalism costs businesses $3,370. A security system with surveillance cameras, alarms, and 24/7 monitoring could help deter vandals and help authorities identify vandals.

Business alarm systems can also prevent vandalism.

With a security system installed, you will be able to deter vandals and capture anything that happens on camera.

Unauthorized Access  

Most businesses have places that are restricted to the public or other employees. That could be a specific portion of the office, an area that houses dangerous equipment, or files that include sensitive information, to name a few.

A security system equipped with cameras, a smart lock, and an alarm can help with access control to protect those places, let you know who's coming and going, and ensure only the approved people can access your building.

Legal Issues

Lawsuits are unfortunate for any business, and a comprehensive business alarm monitoring system can help provide proof if necessary. For instance, a customer or employee may make a false accusation that your security camera footage can dispute.


Unfortunately, employee theft can be devastating for small businesses-–an estimated 33% of all business bankruptcies result from employee theft. Aside from that, employee theft is responsible for an estimated 7 percent of annual revenue loss. Even more shocking, it often goes undetected for two years.

An effective business alarm monitoring system for companies can help you monitor employee activity and cut down on theft.


It isn't just theft or damage that can put a business at risk for financial loss. Fires could be devastating for businesses large and small. Based on the most recent data from FEMA, non-residential companies experience a whopping $2.7 billion in losses a year because of fire.

Fire protection is a vital part of a comprehensive business alarm monitoring system. Companies should ensure their smoke alarms are connected to a 24/7 monitoring service that could quickly dispatch the fire department if their alarm goes off. A fast response could also help mitigate overall loss.

What To Look For When Purchasing a Commercial Security System

Few purchases are as crucial as the business alarm monitoring system you select for your business. Far more than simply rigging up an alarm, you choose a vendor you trust to install and monitor the system protecting your customers, employees, and business assets. Follow the checklist here to help you make the best choice for safeguarding your business.

Compile a List of Potential Vendors

That is the easy step. Just compile a list of commercial security system contractors and companies from the internet and fellow business owners.

Do Your Due Diligence

Got your list? Now you have to do some research. You could rely on the company's website, but you could also pick up the phone. Ask questions. What sort of licensing and insurance do they carry, and is it appropriate for the state where your company is located? How do they select their installation and service technicians? Are the contractors or employees? Does the security company perform drug testing?

Background checks?

Get References

To adequately customize a system that suits your needs, the selected security company needs to have experience working with companies like yours. Ensure to acquire references from their current or past commercial clients from an industry sector comparable to yours.

Ask About Equipment

Ask each vendor why they decided to offer the security systems they do. Why is it better than other models or brands? Are most features pertinent to your business type? Will you be able to customize your system based on individual operators?

How Will They Monitor?

It's key to understand and endorse which service the security company will be using. Are they staffed by carefully trained and vetted professionals? What is their reputation, and what is their track record for responding in the event of a robbery, fire, or other emergencies?

Internet Dependence

Will the system you choose to continue to work if you lose your internet or phone connectivity? What's the backup strategy for remaining online if they lose power in the area where they're located? These are things you need to know in advance of any emergency.

Understand the Terms and Conditions

Do not sign a contract until all your questions have been answered. Do you know the total cost of the business security system, all in? What is included, only equipment or equipment + installation? Are there additional charges for false alarms? What about monitoring? What is the length of the contract? That's increasingly important for businesses that may not want to commit to a long-term contract.

Discuss the Warranty

How long is it? What repair types does the warranty cover? Does it cover only the hardware, or will the security company be responsible for managing maintenance and updates to the system's software?

This might seem like an in-depth process… and it is. But when you consider what's at stake, finding the best security solution for your business is well worth your money and time investment. Would you be interested in signing up for a business alarm monitoring system for your business? Call us today!