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No matter what business industry you’re in, it’s essential for potential and existing customers to reach you. This is why small business owners utilize a business telephone answering service solutions.

However, holidays and vacations among your staff members are unavoidable. As a business owner, you will have to plan for these events. From smaller businesses operating out of their own homes to mid-sized companies who have hundreds of workers getting a multitude of calls, business telephone answering services are essential in helping managers plan accordingly.

From business hours adjustments to script changes to vacation greetings, you know the drill if you’re already utilizing a business telephone answering service. If not, read on.

Here are five more benefits of a business telephone answering service when your company has to plan for holiday and vacation breaks.

What are companies looking for in a business telephone answering service?

According to Smallbiztrends.com, here are the top services companies look for in an answering service.

  • · 24-hour reception
  • · Appointment setting
  • · Customer service
  • · Emergency dispatch
  • · Lead generation
  • · Vacation coverage
  • · Monitor the calls outside of regular business hours

Live Operators

When you get a business telephone answering service, you won’t have to subject your customers to voicemails. In today’s digital age, voicemails are gradually getting more obsolete. And more and more customers get turned off by a business if they have to leave a voicemail and can’t reach a live person to speak with on the phone.

With a business telephone answering service, you get personable and customized scripting, live operators, and real-time messages transmittal.

Your Team Deserves a Break

Does your business need a 24/7 live operator?

As a business owner or manager, you need to give credit where credit is due – especially to your team who’s been working hard. Don’t be one of those who don’t let their front desk receptionists take a break the same day as you.

Sign up for a business telephone answering service so your team can get their well-deserved break. Your business operations won’t have to get compromised. Sales won’t be affected.

24/7 Availability

This depends on what type of business you’re operating – but when someone decides to call you at 4 in the morning, which, let’s face it, are not standard business hours – to inquire about something, they would appreciate getting a live person to speak with.

No matter what time someone calls your business, they’ll be met with a warm, friendly, and helpful phone operator when you get a business telephone answering services. That establishes your company as delivering remarkable service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


If your receptionist or assistant needs to go to a month-long leave, what are you left to do? Most business managers would hire a temp. However, staffing agencies usually increase hourly wages by 50-60%. That means that instead of paying $15 per hour for a temp-hire, you’ll have to be shelling out $30.

With a business telephone answering service, you won’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money. Hire a business telephone service provider, and let your assistant take the break he or she needs.

Holidays Happen

Holidays are the most wonderful times of the year. Whether it’s 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, it’s a time for everyone – including your staff – to get together with their friends and family and share precious moments.

Your staff deserves a break.

And when you have happy, fulfilled employees, that will only benefit your business. Let your staff take the holidays they need – your sales won’t have to suffer with the help of a business telephone answering service. Aside from answering calls, these services can also monitor and manage your social media channels, answer chat inquiries, and other requirements you have.

Final Thoughts

Of course, you must work with an established business telephone answering service provider. They are going to be an extension of your brand, and you want them to offer the best customer service experience possible to protect your company name.

When it comes to an answering service, expensive doesn’t always mean the best. However, the same can be said if you get the cheapest option. Look for answering service providers with customizable packages and pricing plans so they can give you an honest quote – whether it’s a per minute, per answered call, or per appointment set, etc.

If you’d like to learn more about business telephone answering service solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.