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Are you among the many homeowners who wonder, "Are alarm monitoring services worth it?" We already know that alarm systems can enhance your protection, but there are many options, and various methods work differently. Moreover, you also have to choose whether to have alarm monitoring services or to just do the alarm monitoring yourself.

Nevertheless, having either a monitored or unmonitored alarm system still offers more stringent security measures than having no security system at all. However, there exists a significant difference in the level of protection they offer. This essay will delve into the variations between monitored and unmonitored security systems.

What is a Monitored Security Alarm System?

A monitored home security alarm system offers constant and continuous monitoring by an external company offering 24/7 monitoring services. This security system ensures continuous surveillance of your alarms, CCTV, sensors, and other components.

Are alarm monitoring services worth it? In many cases, yes.

When the system detects any activity or movement in the premises, the monitored system promptly sends you an instant notification, allowing you to determine whether it is a false alarm. Without a response or if you confirm it is not a false alarm, the system will dispatch a security team and alert the appropriate authorities.

How Do Alarm Monitoring Services Work?

In a monitored security alarm system, your home security setup functions as a central control panel, facilitating swift and comprehensive communication with your security provider's monitoring station.

The central control panel involves intruder alarms, door and window sensors, motion detectors, CCTV, and more. If any of these components are activated by activity, an automatic signal is transmitted to the monitoring station. Subsequently, you receive a phone, text message, or app notification informing you of the event at your property.

The monitoring system will automatically alert the relevant authorities and dispatch the required assistance if the activity is a genuine emergency.

Are Alarm Monitoring Services Worth It?

If you're contemplating whether a monitored system is necessary, here are compelling reasons why they are undoubtedly worth the investment.

Speedy Response

Alarm monitoring services are a good investment for your property.

Many home security companies establish rapid response stations to ensure swift emergency action. These stations respond promptly and can alert the fire service, police, or medical personnel, ensuring you receive prompt attention from various first responders.

Protects Lives and Property

The primary and most significant advantage of any alarm system, particularly a monitored house alarm, is offering the swiftest response to emergencies, minimizing property and life loss. Monitoring station personnel are often well-trained to react promptly and make decisions that prioritize the protection of human life and property contents in various scenarios.

Savings on Home Insurance

Numerous insurance companies are inclined to provide lower insurance premiums when a monitored house alarm system is in place. It is particularly evident for monitored alarms incorporating smoke detectors, considering that fire ranks among the primary causes of property damage.

Your Home is Still Protected When You are Away

A break-in, fire, or other emergency at your home can be profoundly devastating without anyone nearby. In the worst-case scenario, you might face significant losses of valuables, extensive damage, or even destruction of your home. Having alarm system monitoring services in place increases the likelihood of protecting and preserving the contents of your home, especially when you are not around.

Can Help Save You Money on Security Alarm Components

Installing fire, intruder alarms, and other security components individually can incur considerable expenses. However, numerous companies providing alarm system monitoring often bundle the equipment cost with the monitoring fee. In many cases, you either pay nothing or a minimal amount for the hardware and installation, with the main financial commitment being the monthly or yearly monitoring fee.

What Is The Difference Between Self-Monitored And Monitored Alarm System

Self-Monitored Alarm Systems

There are differences between self-monitored and monitored security alarm systems

Choosing to DIY your alarm monitoring by keeping tabs on your security alarms yourself is a good approach when it comes to securing your home and property. You can conveniently assess the status of your alarm through a computer or smartphone app. Moreover, you can configure your system to contact your phone directly or a designated number on your contact list.

So, how do self-monitoring alarm systems work? After your alarm or alarms are triggered, your system can send email and text alerts, providing details about the specific zone where the alarm was triggered. These features can be integrated into certain existing systems, or you can choose this functionality when installing an alarm system.

However, self-monitoring does come with certain drawbacks. With no external monitoring, if you unfortunately find yourself a victim of a home invasion (we hope not!) and are unable to alert the police or forced to disable the alarm system, it becomes challenging to summon emergency responders.

Professional Alarm Monitoring

Professional alarm monitoring services offer several valuable features that would otherwise be unavailable if you opt to monitor the alarm system yourself.

A reputable professional alarm monitoring company prioritizes swift response times, which is crucial for ensuring your safety and security.

Like a self-monitored alarm system, a professionally monitored alarm system can offer access to your home's alarm system from an Internet-capable device, such as your office computer or tablet. You can also set alerts to be sent when your alarm system is activated or deactivated.

Connecting a professional alarm monitoring service to your home's alarm system has minimal drawbacks over self-monitored systems. While a small monthly fee is associated with this service, it's worth noting that some insurance companies may provide homeowners with a discount if they have a functioning alarm system.

Should You Get Professional Monitoring?

With a self-monitored security system, it's essential to ensure that notifications are enabled on your mobile phone and have a plan for responding to alarms in various scenarios. It means that you mustn't turn your notifications off, which could be an inconvenience in some instances, like when you're in a movie cinema, in a work meeting, or when you don't want to get disturbed. It may also involve checking indoor cameras for activity, contacting a family member or neighbor to investigate, and hoping they are available and willing to respond.

Security alarm systems can help keep your property safe and secure.

Meanwhile, professional monitoring offers the same convenience of receiving smartphone alerts, but it goes a step further by including a phone call from the monitoring service. Going for professional monitoring becomes a prudent choice if there's a tendency to ignore phone notifications. Professional monitoring companies are equipped to react swiftly when an immediate response might be necessary, even if you are unable or unwilling to address the alert.

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